• 2017 news

    Today, we updated our web site. The web site now shows a number of solutions which are available in our media portal solution.

    Before Q3, we will lauch ShareIT!, a new module in the Linx Media … more

  • Edge Company presented Future Generation - "the Next Day" | a show at the Fashion Week Amsterdam 2016

    At the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam 2016, Future Generation's 'the Next Day' gave their inspiring view into the future landscape of new technology in Fashion design. … more

  • Happy 2016!

    2016 is a year where having an omni-channel strategy for retail is indispensable.  This is evidenced by the reality that even large retailers are not immune to keeling over due to the changing … more

  • Phomas now runs on Windows Azure!

    Since this week, Phomas runs on Windows Azure!

    After half a year of preparing and testing, this week the Phomas development team migrated Phomas from the Linx private cloud to Windows Azure. … more

  • Linx, Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform Partner

    Linx now is also an official Microsoft Partner, for the cloud platform. As linx is migrating from their personal cloud to Microsoft's Azure cloud platform, Linx earned competences and now is … more

  • Phomas for Photo machines

    Today, Linx announces the launch of Phomas for Photo machines.

    Phomas, the world's leading cloud based system for managing (product) photography, is now also available in a version for photo … more

  • Release Asset Tracking System

    Asset Tracking System

    Today, Linx released a completely rebuilt version of their Asset Tracking System.

    Various suppliers are delivering digital assets to our business. The Linx Asset Tracking … more

  • IND recognised Linx IT Solutions as referent for highly skilled migrants

    Based on the IND recognition of Linx IT Solutions as referent, Linx is entitled to hire highly skilled IT Staff (aka Knowledge migrants).

    The conditions for hiring are:

    General conditions

    The … more

  • Photo uploader iPhone app

    The Linx IOS development team released a first version of the Photo Uploader iPhone app. With this app, users can directly upload images from their iPhone to an Asset Board or Asset … more

  • AssetLab launched!

    On June the 1st, Linx-IT Solutions proudly launched AssetLab.

    The idea behind AssetLab is to give design teams / research & development teams or buyers online tools to share ideas and get … more