Unsere Lösungen

Photo Shoot Management, a solution developed together with people from the business. In 2012 Linx started development of Phomas to give the upcoming ecommerce business a solution to manage their product photography process.

The Linx Phomas copy system offers options to control the process of enrichment of product information. From creation of a source commercial version to translations for local markets.

With ecomware as integrated solution, you even can control your product appearance directly from the solution without having access and the knowledge of complex software as web shop platforms.

Enterprise DAM systems should be more than a repository to store digital assets. The Linx E-DAM system AssetFlow is developed from the starting point of being a central solution offering services to a wide range of users, user groups and even external solutions.

AdFlow is the online, template driven, artwork creation solution for your (online) promotions. Allowing your visual merchandising and e-commerce teams to anticipate on the latest trends, conditions and of course your campaigns. Fast and easy. When required controlled by a central marketing organization

With narrowcastware, you can control variable content for your displays. These will be inserted into a daily program directly. Your staff does not need to have knowledge of and access to specialized narrowcasting software.